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Elite Retreat, Thailand 2024

5th to10th of August, 2024.



Elite Retreat Thailand offers you the unique opportunity to experience Thailand like never before.



The accommodation: 

Join the Ciarán Foy Personal Training Team for our Elite Retreat at The Paradise Koh Yao Resort, Koh Yao Noi.


Haven’t heard of this island before? That's ok, not many have. Thankfully it's no more than 1 hour away from Phuket International Airport. 


This wonderful island resort is exquisitely secluded, hidden away amongst the nature of Koh Yao Noi. Guest facilities include a beachside pool & restaurants, private beach area, spa treatments  & more.


Guests will be provided with one of the resort's superior studios, nestled in the hillsiide of the resort.




Spend your free time enjoying many of the amenities on offer;  relax poolside, enjoy a spa treatment, try some yoga, unwind with a drink overlooking the ocean or simply chill out on the beach.





The training:

During your 5 night stay at Paradise Koh Yao Resort, there will be scheduled training sessions each day. 


Exercise sessions will vary between STR3NGTH Training and boxercise.


STR3NGTH Training sessions consist of full body movements that encourage the development and maintenance of a healthy, strong and fit body.


Boxing sessions. Learn the fundamentals of boxing - footwork, striking combinations, defensive maneuvers and boxing specific conditioning.



The cost:

€1,135 for an indvidual

€1,702.50 per couple sharing


What's included?



Susan, Age 24
Weight loss: - 21lbs, - 7% bodyfat and - 31 inches
Read More

Orla Cahil, Age 30
Weight loss: - 6lbs, - 5% body fat and - 9 inches
Read More

Pauline, Age 38

Weight loss: -28lbs, - 12% bodyfat and - 18 inches

Read More

Riccardo Sinagoga, Age 24
Weight loss: -9lbs and -12% body fat
Read More

Maria Browne, Age 32

Weight loss: -20lbs, -6% bodyfat and - 25 inches

Read More

Kev Cronin, Age 28
Result: -9% body fat, maintained weight
Read More

STR3NGTH Sessions

Small group training for women looking to lose weight and tone up.

Nutritional Management

At Ciarán Foy Personal Training we believe that a diet is only successful if the results achieved are longterm.

One to One Weight Loss: Men

Lose the belly and increase muscle definition with our specialised weight loss programmes.

One to One Weight Loss: Women

We specialise in successful weight loss programmes, ensuring that every facet of your health and wellbeing is nurtured.

Active Release Techniques

ART® is a patented soft tissue treatment that allows the practitioner to locate and break up scar tissue following injury.

Orthopaedic Sports Massage

Anybody who partakes in physical actvity can encounter soreness and injury, making this form of massage beneficial for everyone.