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Healthy Recipes

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Healthy Recipes


1. Thai Inspired Salad.



1 carrot, grated
1 apple, grated(green if you have it, I only had red)
1 small ripe avocado, sliced thinly
2 heaped tbs of cooked quinoa
1 small piece of ginger, grated
For the dressing
1 thai chilli(although it's just one it's pretty hot so you can substitute with chilli flakes)
1 clove of garlic, sliced very thinly
Juice of half a lemon/lime
Himalayan Rock Salt or Celtic Sea Salt to taste

Mix all of the dry ingredients in a bowl. Mix the ingredients for the salad dressing and then pour over the salad and mix well.

This salad is amazing on its own or served on the side with some grilled chicken.



2. Avocado and Tuna Salad "Cups"



1 can of tuna in olive oil

1 avocado, halved with pit removed 

1 celery stick, chopped

1/2 an apple, chopped

1 tsp of full fat natural yoghurt,

Juice of half a lime


Combine the tuna, chopped celery, chopped apple, natural yoghurt and lime juice.

Mix well until you achieve a consistency similar to tuna salad.
Half your avocado, remove the pit and scoop out a little avocado to make room for the tuna mix.
Stuff the avocado and serve.

Simple, healthy and most importantly, tasty!


3. Beef, quinoa and sweet potato burgers.



1 small sweet potato - peeled and chopped

1/4 cup of quinoa

1tsp of butter

1 tsp of chili paste

3 cloves of garlic chopped

enough beef mince for 4 burgers, salt to taste.

This is so easy. Boil the potato until soft, drain and mash with butter and a pinch of salt. In a separate pot cook the quinoa(as instructed on the pack). Drain and mix in with the sweet potato.


In a separate bowl mix together the mince, chopped garlic and chilli paste. Combine all ingredients in a bowl to make 4-6 burger patties.


Cook under the grill, on the pan or in the oven. They're so good.



4. Vietnamese Rolls with a spicy thai dressing.




Rice paper

cooked prawns


mixed leaves

mint leaves.


How to do: Soak 2 sheets of rice paper in luke warm water for 5-10 secs or until softened, overlap them slightly and place the ingredients on top and roll up. Cut into pieces and serve.


For the dressing: 1 small chili chopped, 1 clove of garlic chopped, 2 tbs lime juice, 2 tbs fish sauce, and 1 tbsp maple syrup.
Place all ingredients in a mortar and pestle and pound. Spoon out on top of your vietnamese rolls.



5. "Bread"


Dry Ingredients:

1 cup of sunflower seeds

1/2 cup of flax seeds
1/2 cup of hazelnuts
1 and 1/2 cup of rolled oats
2 tablespoons of chia seeds
4 tablespoons of psyllium seed husks
1 tsp of fine grain sea salt


Wet ingredients:

1 and a half cups of water
3 tbs of coconut oil
1 tbs of maple syrup


Mix all of the dry ingredients together in a bowl.

Melt the coconut oil and mix in with the water and maple syrup.

Pour into the dry ingredients and mix well until a doughy texture is achieved.

Place the dough into a loaf tin, smooth the top out with the back of a spoon. Leave to set for at least 2 hours or alternatively overnight.

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees, place the loaf in the oven and bake for 20 mins.

After 20 mins remove the loaf from the tin, place it back in the oven upside down and bake for a remaining 30-40 mins.
Tap on the top with a wooden spoon and if it sounds hollow then you know it's cooked.



6. Baked Avocado



1/2 an avocado

1 egg youlk
smoked salmon

salt and pepper to taste

Half an avocado and remove the pit.

Scoop out a bit more and then line it with some organic smoked salmon.

Drop the egg yolk into the hollow and bake in the oven  for about 10 15 min.

This is perfect served on top of a salad.



7. Spicy Kale Crisps



1 bunch of fresh organic kale

teaspoon of chilli powder

himalayan rock salt / celtic sea salt

teaspoon of olive oil

juice of 1 lemon wedge

Pre heat the oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes.
Place the kale in an oven tray and sprinkle with salt and chilli powder.
Place in the oven and check regularly and turn. It cooks quick so make sure to keep your eye on it!
When the kale starts to dry and become crispy take it out and drizzle the olive oil and lemon juice.

Serve and enjoy as a healthy snack.



8. Overnight Oats



1 cup of gluten free oats, I use Bob's Gluten Free Rolled Oats

1 scoop of protein powder, I use Whey To Go chocolate

1 cup of coconut milk

handful of blueberries

1 tsp cinnamon

1 cap of vanilla essence

This is so simple and a great breakfast that you can grab if you're on the go first thing.

Mix up your milk and protein powder. Whisk until the powder has fully mixed into the milk.
Place your oats into a jar, add in your milk and protein mix, add remaining ingredients.
Place in the fridge and leave soak overnight.
In the morning garnish with blueberries and serve.



9. Fresh Apple and Goats Cheese Salad



1 red apple, chopped
2 tbs pumpkin seed, toasted
2 tbs Goats Cheese pieces
1 Bowl of salad leaf mix, washed

For the dressing
1-2 tbs olive oil

1 tbs apple cider vinegar

Mix all of the dry ingredients in a bowl. Mix the ingredients for the salad dressing and then pour over the salad and mix well.

10. Tuna Salad



1 tin of preferred Tuna - I recommend Ortiz.
1/2 red onion, sliced
handful of cherry tomatoes, halved
1/2 avocado, cubed
1 bowl of salad leaf mix

For the dressing
1-2 tbs olive oil

1 tbs balsamic vinegar

Mix all of the dry ingredients in a bowl. Mix the ingredients for the salad dressing and then pour over the salad and mix well.

11. Beetroot and Goats Cheese Salad



4 small beetroot, peeled, boiled and sliced.
2 tbs of pine nuts, toasted
2 tbs Goats cheese, crumbed

For the dressing
1-2 tbs olive oil

1 tbs balsamic vinegar

Mix all of the dry ingredients in a bowl. Mix the ingredients for the salad dressing and then pour over the salad and mix well.


12. Protein Pancakes



100grams of flour (plain/buckwheat)
2 scoops of protein powder.
1 egg beaten.

250mls coconut milk.


Seive all of the dry ingredients into a bowl. Make a hollow in the centre and add in your egg plus 100mls of coconut milk. Mix and slowly add in the remaining cocunut milk. Add water as you continue to mix until the batter reaches a smooth consistency.
Leave the batter rest for 30 mins. Heat up some coconut oil on a frying pan and cook pancakes over a medium - high heat.



13. Tuna Breakfast Bowl



1 pack of tuna.
1 boiled egg.

Handful of cherry tomatos
Chopped kale

Boil egg in water for 5 minutes, while the egg is cooking, slice the cherry tomatoes in half, wash and chop the kale and massage it with some sea salt until soft.
Mix the veg and tuna in a bowl together, add in the soft boil egg and serve.


14. Tuna Sashimi Bowl 



100 - 200grams of tuna steak.
1 handful of baby spinach
1/2 an avocado

Spoonful of kimchi.

Dressing: Lime, olive oil, chili, spring onion.

Heat up one teaspoon of coconut oil on a pan, cook the tuna for 2 minutes on each side.
While the tuna is cooking slice the avocado and prepare the dressing.

For the dressing: Chop one chilli, 1 spring onion, and mix with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, the juice from half of a lime and a pinch of salt. 

When  the tuna is cooked, dice into cubes and mix in the dressing. Serve on top of baby spinach, alongside the avocado and a spoonful of kimchi.



15. Roast Chicken and Rice Bowl



1 chicken leg.
1/2 cup of cooked rice(instant ok).
Handful of green beans, sliced.

1 handful of walnuts.

Olive oil, salt and pepper.

Season the chicken with olive oil, salt and pepper, place in the oven at 200 degrees and cook for 30 mins(or until cooked through). While the chicken is cooking, slice green beans and cook the rice. When the chicken is cooked, cut into small pieces and mix with rice, green beans and walnuts. 



16. BLT Bowl



2 slices of streaky bacon

1/2 an avocado, diced into cubes

10 cherry tomatoes, quartered

handful or two of baby spinach leaves

olive oil

Place the streaky bacon under the grill on a medium heat and cook until the fat is golden.
While the bacon is cooking, prepare the avocado, cherry tomatoes and baby spinach. When the bacon is cooked, 

 chop it up and mix it with the other ingredients in a large bowl. Drizzle with olive oil and serve.



17. Waldorf Bowl



1 Granny Smith Apple, julienned.

A handful or two of baby spinach.
1 stick of celery, chopped.
A handful of crushed walnuts.
1 tablespoon of FAGE Greek Yoghurt, 0%
Drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.


Chop the celery, julienne the apple, and mix with leaves and greek yoghurt. Add in salt, pepper and drizzle with olive oil, mix a little more, then serve.



18. Fruit and Nut Bowl



100 grams of FAGE Greek Yoghurt,

A handful of blueberries, strawberries and walnuts.

Spoon 100 grams of Greek yoghurt into a bowl. Crush the walnuts, half the strawberries and pour into the bowl along with the blueberries. Serve and enjoy.



19. Tomato Salad



3 heritage tomatoes, 3 beef tomatoes, handful of cherry tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1 handful of  pea shoots, Tbs olive oil.


Chop the ingredients, put them in a bowl, add oil and mix. This salad takes very little time to prepare, involves no cooking and works great as a side / even a healthy snack.


20. Summer Side Salad



Heritage tomatoes, beef tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, handful of mixed summer greens, Tbs olive oil, pepper.


This salad takes very little time to prepare, involves no cooking and works great as a side / even a healthy snack.


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