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Weight Loss and Eating Out.

How to choose a restaurant when weight loss is on the menu?

Choosing a restaurant when trying to lose weight can be a challenge. Follow these tips to make it easier on yourself.

Chances are, you eat out in the same town / city the majority of the time. This puts you in a good position as you can create a top 5 list of restaurants to dine in that support your weight loss goals. It also allows you to become familiar with the menus making it easier to stick to healthier options.


If you have control over where you're going to eat, do a little research beforehand and choose a restaurant ahead of time. This will give you time to familiarise yourself with the menu and you can decide what you're going to eat before you enter the restaurant. If you find yourself at the mercy of others, thats ok too, there's no need to panic. Check out the menu online and as I said above, choose what you're going to eat ahead of time.


You don't need to find the latest "healthy" restuarant to have access to nourishing meals. All you're looking for is a couple of healthy options that suit your needs, as well as one or two side dishes to accompany. This way others at the table can feel free to order what they want, and you can enjoy tucking into a tasty, healthy meal.


Going to a restaurant on an empty stomach is a rookie mistake when weight loss is the goal. When we're hungry our decision making is impaired and we often misjudge how much food we need to eat to feel full again. This leads to poor food choices and calorie overload. Next time you're eating out, dont forget to eat beforehand. You'll be less likely to go for 3 courses and you'll want to opt for lighter options. 







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Small group training for women looking to lose weight and tone up.

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At Ciarán Foy Personal Training we believe that a diet is only successful if the results achieved are longterm.

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We specialise in successful weight loss programmes, ensuring that every facet of your health and wellbeing is nurtured.

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ART® is a patented soft tissue treatment that allows the practitioner to locate and break up scar tissue following injury.

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Anybody who partakes in physical actvity can encounter soreness and injury, making this form of massage beneficial for everyone.